Trespasser Fan Levels & other small programs

WavPac_Player (latest release, ver: (07/17/18))  WavPac_Player is a simple program to store wave files. The most common types of wave files stored can also be played within the program. The wave files stored can be exported as a single wave file, or in mass. Help files are included, and can be accessed directly while program is in use, or via inside the program's main folder.

Please Note:  If using Windows 8 or Windows 10, exported files are stored inside the 'virtual store', and not in c:\program files as done in earlier Windows (i.e. winxp, vista, win7). Windows 7 users may find that exported files are only visible after clicking the 'compatibility files' tab of the folder being viewed.

Data Pathway (Win8 & Win10):   C:\Users\Current UserName\AppData\Local\Virtual Store\Program Files (or Program Files(x86)\WavPac_Player\Export

Compatibility: Windows 7, SP1 or higher (untested under earlier Operating Systems (eg. XP or Vista))   DownLoad version   DownLoad version

  DownLoad version (Stand_Alone version of wavpac_player, (No Installer))

SHOOT_DA_GOPHER (version Shoot_da_Gopher is a yesteryear type arcade game with a simple premise: shoot the damn gophers! Points range from 25 to 200 points. Reach 1000 and shoot the crow and get an additional 300 points.

Each successive round is a multiple of 1200.

Example: to reach round 3 you need 2400 pts., to reach round 4, you'd need a total of 3600 points and so on. The game will continue until to fail to reach the next plateau or choose to cancel the game. Note: If your score is 200 or higher, shooting the cow will deduct 200 pts. from your overall score. However, you are not penalized if your score is less than 200. The Spider is only worth 10 pts., so hardly worth the bullet. The tree lizard is worth 500 pts., but it is difficult to hit and once dead, it will be awhile before another shows up..

  DownLoad version

Store_a_Pic (Ver: Store_a_Pic is an useful tool developed to deposit (or pack) images into a single database, not only to ease clutter, but also to avoid incorrect deletion of an image file. Even though its primary intention is storage, the images stocked can also be viewed by this tool, as well as exported, either as an alone file or through mass export of all saved pictures. Single file, or mass erasure of stored pictures is also an option of this tool. Store_a_Pic is able to pack images in its unique archive for safe keeping, but it can also read the file and show you the contents in its interface (large images are only resized for viewing purposes). You may add text captions to your pictures as well. You may also export them in their original state or export them as thumbnails. Help Files are included -

Compatibility: WinXP, Vista, Win7, Win8, and Windows10     Download

HangMan (Ver: HangMan Scv features a scarecrow as your hangman. You can also change his head into that of a jacko-lantern. An easy to use control console allows you to add, delete or simply review already loaded word puzzles. Help files included -

Compatibility: WinXP, Vista, Win7, Win8, and Windows10   Download

15 Slide Puzzle (Ver: Slider Puzzles have been around since the late 1800's and are built around the simple, yet challenging concept of moving jumbled tiles back to their original (solved) configuration. The 15 Puzzle is my version of this classic game and some 130 years later, it's still quite fun, and of course, the software is free.

Compatibility: WinXP, Vista, Win7, Win8, and Windows10   Download

Tic_Tac_Toe Plus (Ver:   Who hasn't doodled this classic game on the back of a school notebook, a restaurant napkin or played a few rounds at the kitchen table? TicTacToe+ revisits this nostalgic game with both classic 9 and Plus 25 square-board. Wonderin' what to do on a rainy afternoon? Why not play tic-tac-toe? Use the built-in Gaming A.I. (Simulated artificial intelligence) as your virtual-playing partner or challenge that person stuck indoors with you.

Compatibility: WinXP, Vista, Win7, Win8, and Windows10   Download

PC_Journal (Ver: PC Journal is straight-forward, easy to use journal (or if you prefer the term, diary) software, meant to give users the opportunity to write down their thoughts safely and securely. Its style harkens back to the days of old, before computers, when a store bought, five and dime diary was all that was needed to hide away your inner most thoughts. Much like the old style keys someone needed to gain access to their journal or diary, the pc journal requires a numerical pass code (supplied upon 1st use (a copy of this code is found inside pc journal's main folder (check compatibility files tab if file passcode.txt is not seen)) for entry, and optional encryption provides further protection of your privacy.The interior of the journal also contains a compact address book, a daily reminder, as well as a Scribble pad (Stylus pen or mouse use (standard text characters and pictures may also be added to the notes (can simply be used as a photo album)), and several of the most common and simple games of yesteryear (slide puzzle, tic tac toe and hangman). The entries themselves may be viewed, front to back or back to front, and can be searched by date as well. The journal comes with 3 optional covers, with an additional option to create your own custom cover as well. Complete and up-to-date help files are also included and should provide answers to any questions that you may have about this software.

Compatibility: WinXP, Vista, Win7, Win8, and Windows10   Download

Memory_Balls: (Ver:   Memory Balls is a simple game meant to test and improve one's memory. Each round displays a sequence of colored balls (or sports icons) for several seconds. Player then uses left clicks on each block to replicate that exact sequence. Each round becomes more difficult, and the game will continue until player fails to display the correct sequence in the time allowed. No installation required.

Game Compatibility: WinXP, Vista, Win7, Win8, and Windows10   Compiled Help-Files Compatibility: WinXp, Vista, and Windows 7   Download


  Castaway_CE_StandAlone_Final:   Synopsis: With its Captain apparently washed overboard during a storm, Anne finds herself alone and on a sinking boat. As luck would have it there is a small island just a short swim away, yet her only hope rests with her signaling a passing ship that she is in desperate need of rescue. It is up to you to see that she is.

Note: A walkthru is included within this package (found inside main folder).

Download Castaway CE_StandAlone_Final
Download Castaway Final (Optional Update)
Download Castaway Final (Optional Update #2)

Note: it is not necessary to download both final updates above as Optional Update #2 already includes the original Optional update. The only change for Optional Update #2 is that it includes a larger high resolution texture for the Generator's Manual and a camera zoom in for when the Manual is picked up (this makes it easier for the player to read the manual's text).

  Ruins_CE_StandAlone_Final:   Synopsis: After surviving a plane crash, our heroine Anne finds herself alone and outside of an ancient roman city where unknown creatures have suddenly appeared.

Note: A walkthru is included within this package (found inside main folder).

Download Ruins CE_StandAlone_Final


  Tpa Player:   Program plays tpa files of Dreamworks' Trespasser Game. Earlier, unreleased builds of the game's tpa files can also be played. Program can create new tpa files as well as add new sounds to existing retail compatible tpa files.

Note: Compiled Help Files are included within this package (found inside main folder).

Download tpa_player

  Shel_Generator:   Trespasser - Shell Generator produces all game files needed to begin building a level and provides all necessary models to create a bare bones game level on which to begin building your own custom level. An included 'read_me' file contains simple instructions on its useage.

Download Shel_Generator V0.08

  Swap _ Viewer:   Program which displays (as well as saves) images packed inside of swap files.

Download Swap_Viewer

Note:   There are many programs and/or utilities available for Trespasser as I have only listed a few of the more useful programs that I have personally coded. The two levels posted above are my own most recent levels that I have created for the game. For a more complete listing of all available levels and programs for the game please visit;

Disclaimer:  All software is provided 'as is' with no expressed or implied warranty. Software is free to use, though user(s) are not permitted to decompile, repackage, or claim ownership over software. Redistribution is permitted, provided software retains its original packaging and all copyrights remain original, and intact.

Email:  Take note, this is written in reverse (wink, wink). moc.oohay@14lebertsal.

All software copyrighted (c)2014 - 2023 Walter Kolodzieski