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Replace_All (source included)

Lev_Generator (source included)

Oc_Mapper (Create opacity maps from 8bit colormaps (source included))

SwapViewer_03/6+/10 (View textures within Trespasser level swap files)

shell level generator (latest release _ 01/09/2011)

Tpa_Caption Readerv34 (Newest release. See read_me file for changes)

Ima/dvi adpcm decoder (Decodes ima/dvi adpcm industry standard 512/1024 & trespasser's unique 1028/2056 block alignment. Mono (22050 sample_rate) or stereo (44100 sample_rate). .App and code included. adpcm class, (c) J.D. Medhurst, aka Tixy. Visit his site here

Pcm Encoder (Encodes 22050, mono pcm wav into trepasser compatible ima/dvi adpcm)

Gopher_Shooter The game is simple: Shoot the damn gophers!

Note: Latest releases (v19c and above) tentatively supports all .tpa files, including retail, beta, previous fan_based tpa files and our new blanks (machf's blank.tpa and the tpa files this program generates.

last updated: 9/24/2016

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